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This stub contains information only about protein targeting. if there are other senses to targeting in biology, they should get appropriate pages, if not this page can be deleted'. --Lenthe 08:51, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

This article really needs some context. For example, it would be helpful to know that this is in the field of medicine or pharmaceutical development or whatever. --LeeHunter 00:11, 5 Sep 2004 (UTC)

As a student, I was led here from Market Segment. Is there a missing Market Targeting link, or Targeting (Market)

weeding for the sake of weeding[edit]

I cannot see why such a vague introduction to a disambiguation page such as "Targeting is to make a thing or group of things a target, to select it or them to be acted upon" is better than the one you have just removed.

I am especially impressed by the use of the words "thing and a group of things", in particular as they are not defined elsewhere, but as an other disambiguation page, which is nothing but a form of an inductive defintion, without of course trying to be exhaustive in the listing.